I’ve been a missionary to the Dagara people group in Dano, Burkina Faso for 9 years.   As our time here is nearing its end, I am pursuing my next career of documentary photojournalism with an emphasis on calling attention to those in this world who are in a desperate situation (whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually), yet who have no advocate and limited or no avenues for improving their lives.   For now, I’m dedicating this site to educating people about the Dagara in the hope that my readers’ eyes and hearts will be opened to a deeper understanding of the real and personal needs of this people.   Also, with this new awareness, perhaps we can all look around our particular corner of the world to really see the person next to us and notice those in need.  

  1. Saw your blog when looking at the Homewood website. What a wonderful work your family is doing . God bless each of you. You will be in. our prayers …dan

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